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  • Livin' la vida Yoga!

    Livin' la vida Yoga!

    Whether you are on or off the mat our Livin' la vida yoga range has something for everyone. The yoga range Is designed to enhance your yoga performance on the mat and your Yoga lifestyle off it.

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  • 03 Jan

    Bali, the perfect destination to practice Yoga

    Traveling to Bali is a luxury for the senses, a trip to paradise, to Indonesia's most famous island, but also a trip inside yourself. The famous island has been the yoga sanctuary for more than two decades. ...

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  • 27 Dec

    The best for Yoga

    When you are going to buy yoga products, you must take into account the type of movements you will be doing in your classes. To delimit this, you have to focus on the type of yoga you practice. If you're a beginner...

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